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Kuponya Innovations - Reimagining a new approach to housing in Canada's North.


Kuponya Innovations was started at Wilfrid Laurier University as a student-led initiative to support communities on the frontlines of climate change, specifically with respect to housing. In Canada, those hit first and worst by climate impacts are Northern Indigenous communities, who are already facing a severe housing crisis.

Kuponya is a Swahili word that means ‘to heal’. At Kuponya Innovations we are driven by purpose, to heal climate and communities, one home at a time. 


Traditional construction is not the answer 


The construction industry creates 1/3 of the world's waste and 40% of global CO2 emissions.


Traditional construction does not withstand climate impacts - flooding, forest fires, and melting permafrost.


With a short building season in the north, traditional construction takes too long


There is a severe shortage of skilled trades in Canada and 20% of the workforce is set to retire in the next decade.


Inefficiencies and time delays escalate housing costs well beyond affordable levels.

A new approach is needed.. 


At Kuponya Innovations we’ve created a ‘house in a box’ kit specifically designed to meet the unique challenges faced by Northern communities. Using climate resilient, sustainable, energy efficient, and rapidly-deployable materials we create small, affordable housing units for those transitioning into a home of their own. The kits can also be used to build accessory dwelling units where zoning and planning bylaws allow. 

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